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See You in August!

Weather permitting, we look forward to a bumper crop in 2014. Balaton harvest is typically around the first of August.


Fruit Growth Stage Reference -- Tart Cherry

Dormant No swelling visible
Bud Swell Buds are visibly swollen Swollen buds become noticeable and no green tissue is visible.
Side Green Green tissue is visible on the sides of the bud Green Tissue is visible on the sides of the bud.
Bud Burst individual flowers are visible inside the bud tip
 Also called "Green Tip" or "Tight Cluster",  the top of the bud has opened and the individual flower buds are visible. Cherry fruit buds have multiple flowers.
Early White Bud The flower buds continue to open and the white petals are visible.
White Bud Also called "Popcorn". This is the stage just before bloom.
First Bloom When the first flowers open.
Full Bloom tchflw.jpg (14152 bytes) All or most of the flowers on the tree are open.
Petal Fall When the petals are falling off the tree.
In the Shuck The shuck is the lower portion of the calyx made of the united sepals When all the petals have fallen and the sepals hide the fruit.
Shuck Split Growing cherries splitting the shuck When the growth of the fruit splits the shuck.
6 mm Fruit

Refers to fruit diameter.

8 mm Fruit
10 mm Fruit
12 mm Fruit These cherries are 12 to 14 mm in size.
14 mm Fruit  Refers to diameter
16 mm Fruit
Pit Hardening Not really a visible stage. It is when the pit of the fruit becomes hard.
This is tested by trying to cut the fruit in half.
Straw-colored Fruit The cherries in the background are straw colored. The fruit color changes from green to yellow.
Coloring Fruit Pink and yellow cherries changing to red. The fruit color changes from yellow to red.
Harvest Red ripe cherries. The fruit is ripe and ready to harvest!

This chart and information is from the Michigan State University Extension Page.
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